I have worked closely with Tony on multiple projects, and dare I say will work with him on many more! His keen expertise when it comes to instructional design is second to none. Tony has provided a rich educational experience for students studying both retail as well as leadership qualifications for clients that I have worked with.

Utilising video/audio/graphic amongst other mediums to present learning content, Tony uses his instructional design skills to bring the content to life for all learners, engaging those learners who require review of concepts multiple times to understand them as well as those that grasp it first time. The ability to educate all through a learning journey is something more than a skill, it is an art and Tony is indeed an artist.

Nicholas Alderdice – CEO – Pride Of Compliance

Tony is a gifted facilitator, who is equally effective with small training groups as he is with large conference audiences. He is fiercely passionate about the development of others and combines his vast knowledge and research base, with a fun and entertaining delivery style.

Despite his learned background, he is able to effortlessly use relevant examples and rich learning tools to cut through even the most complex topics and works hard to model the best-practices his learners need to achieve success.

Marc Ratcliffe – CEO – MRWED Training and Assessment

Tony is not just a trainer that shares his wide breadth of knowledge to others. He is a trainer who is extremely engaging that makes training enjoyable and not just another day of listening to masses of information, that only a ¼ of it, the learner will absorb.

His energy and creative methods of truly engaging the learner can only be described as top-shelf. Being a participant in several of Tony’s training sessions in the past, he has truly made a positive impact on the success I have enjoyed so far in my career. Thank you Tony!

Chris Hayton – Business Development Manager – CoreStaff Recruitment

Tony’s personality and professional approach to projects and clients are outstanding attributes.  I knew the client and the learners would love his energetic facilitation style and benefit from his years of leadership and management experience.

He appears to love learning and is passionate about using all his skills to develop high quality learning resources and deliver exceptional, memorable learning experiences no matter what the topic.   Feedback about his sessions has been highly complementary from learners and other facilitators on the team.  He has taken the content to a new level by designing his own resources: posters, slides, links and video content to appeal to a diverse audience.

Maree Davidson – Director – Highwire Training and Development

Rarely do our contractors care and hold in high esteem the work they are contracted to deliver, but Tony would consistently follow-up and attend meetings with us to ensure his work was exactly what we needed. And it was. I actually was so personally impressed with the level of excellence in Tony’s work, that I listened to his 15+ hours of lectures on the topic of Psychological Management, and gained a wealth of knowledge and skills from his teaching, insights and experience.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tony to design, deliver and assess any training and development program. The benefits will be obvious from the outset.

Karina Webb- Head Lecturer- Learning Vault